Having Your House Cleaned? Here’s Why You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned Too

A domestic cleaning service is a cost-effective and convenient way to freshen up your home and keep it exceptionally clean. However, have you ever thought about your windows? Exposure to the outside combined with dirt and dust built up from inside your home, can leave your windows dull and unpleasant to look through.

What are The Benefits of Hiring a Local Cleaning Service?

If you haven’t already been converted to the merits of hiring a cleaner, then this article is for you. Recent statistics indicate that more households than ever before now employ someone to help out with household chores such as cleaning, washing and ironing, on a regular basis. There is good reason why.

We live in a 24/7 world where we work longer and longer hours and where nothing ever switches off. Although we are a little richer, we are time poor compared to our ancestors and one of the most sensible ways of making up for this is to cut out some of our daily tasks, especially if we don’t enjoy them. This helps us to create some more space and energy for our friends, family or hobbies.

Are You Neglecting Cleaning Your House?

Now that Halloween has come and gone and we’re heading towards the busy Christmas period, it’s a good time to ask yourself whether you are neglecting cleaning your house. Whilst many homeowners see Halloween as a good excuse not to dust for a few weeks (a few cobwebs certainly make the event seem much more authentic), the thought of having to deep clean the house in preparation for Christmas visitors may feel more than a little bit scary.

The Benefits You Gain From Professional Oven Cleaning

The oven. It is one more thing to clean and yet you can tell that it needs doing when it smokes whilst cooking and impairs the flavour of your food. When you’re busy, cleaning the oven may not be your top priority and, besides, where do you start? Once you start removing wire shelves and realise they won’t fit into your kitchen sink, it’s time to call in the professionals.

The Top Advantages of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

If you’ve ever cleaned your own carpets, you know what a pain it can be. There’s only so much you can expect from a shop bought steam cleaner and scrubbing by hand isn’t good for your back or the carpet, so it’s likely you’ll have to make peace with the tougher stains. However, by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you can be confident of great results without the hassle.

Some of the biggest advantages of using a professional carpet cleaner are:

Better equipment

Whilst shop bought steam cleaners can be useful, there’s only so much they can do. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can be sure that they will use high performance carpet cleaning equipment to get the best achievable results without damaging your carpet. At Domestique, our professional stain removal kit is equipped to tackle most common household stains.