Top Tips for Eliminating Odours in Your Home

Bad smells and persistent odours can become an embarrassing issue in our homes, but what can we do to stop them? Here we offer a few key tips for keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

What Bugs are Lurking on Your Windows, and Why Clean Them?

When it comes to cleaning our homes, most of us make sure we wipe all surfaces down with the appropriate product – whether it’s antibacterial cloths or polish. But how many of us think about what’s lurking on our windows?

How Domestic Cleaning Can Help Sell Your Home

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a property will agree it can be a long and challenging process. In fact, research has shown that moving house is more stressful than bankruptcy and divorce! With this in mind, it is worth considering the services that are out there to help you through the sale – and we don’t just mean estate agents, conveyancers and removal companies but also domestic cleaners.

Getting Your Rental Deposit Back – End of Tenancy Cleans

As a property renter, the prospect of doing an end of tenancy clean probably doesn’t fill you with joy, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to get your deposit back. While you might think things like limescale around taps and mouldy walls are fair wear and tear, a lot of the time they’re not, and neglecting them can land you in hot water.

The introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme gives you some level of protection from rogue landlords who may claim you’ve done damage when you haven’t, but at the same time it offers protection to them if you leave the property dirty or damaged. To get your deposit back, it’s important to remember that when you leave your rental property, your landlord has the right to the same level of hygiene as when you moved in.

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Cleaner is Nothing to be Ashamed Of

Whilst it’s increasingly common for Britons to pay for domestic cleaning services, there’s still a lot of stigma around the idea of employing someone else to do your housework.

Here we offer five very good reasons why hiring a cleaner to help keep your home clean and tidy is not only rational and productive, but well-deserved.