Prices vary depending on the area you live in. Enter and select your postcode below and the page will redirect you to the branch servicing your area.

Why do you have different prices?

After trading for 5 years we have learnt that the one size does not fit all. We try our best to tailor a package that meets your particular needs and stays within your budget.

How do I get my service started?

Call us today on 0845 625 9895 and then you can relax safe in the knowledge that it's all being taken care of.

Can you tell me more about your pricing?

Yes. It's really quite simple. This price comprises of a fee which covers our service including insurance, and management fee depending on the package you choose. You then pay your cleaner directly at the agreed rate. The total hourly price is as shown above – there are no hidden extras.

Can I change my pricing plan?

You can upgrade or even down grade whenever it suits you.