Why You Should Keep Your Oven Clean

Cleaning the oven is one of those tasks that most of us love to hate. From strong smelling chemical cleaners to grease and grime, it’s easy to see why. But did you know that to keep your oven working efficiently, you’re supposed to clean it inside out, at least once a month?

While it can be tempting to shut the oven door and forget what’s inside, there are a number of good reasons why keeping your oven clean is a good idea.

oven cleaning

1. Keep it working properly

Ovens are not normally cheap pieces of kitchen equipment and can be costly to replace. Therefore, looking after the oven you’ve got is essential in keeping repair or replacement bills down. By wiping it down after every use, or doing a monthly intense clean, you can keep on top of it and reduce the risk of components like the thermostat or fan breaking due to grease build up.

2. Cleanliness

If you think of the number of meals you cook in the oven, it’s clear to see how grime and bacteria can quickly build up. By cleaning it regularly, you can ensure that spillages and grime are cleaned away, meaning you run less risk of contaminating your food with bacteria.

3. Health and safety

If your oven is particularly dirty, it may be housing a significant build-up of grease which can increase the risk of a fire. Regular deep cleaning of your oven can reduce the risk of fat catching fire, keeping you and your loved ones safer.

4. Stop setting the fire alarm off

When food has been allowed to collect in an oven, it cooks every time the oven is on. This inevitably leads to burning which creates unwanted, smelly smoke which can then trip the smoke alarm. It’s always better to keep the crust at bay by cleaning spillages off as you go, or giving the oven a deep clean on a monthly basis.

5. It looks good

Every part of a house gives an impression, including your oven. If it’s full of grease and grime, smelly and with a smeared glass front, it can be unsightly and impact the impression people get when coming into your home. Keeping your oven sparkly clean shows that you take pride in the appearance of your home and that you pay close attention to detail.


While there are a number of benefits to keeping your oven clean, it’s not always that straight forward. Many people don’t have the time, energy or inclination - but at Domestique, we do. To find your local professional, cost effective cleaner who will get stuck into cleaning your oven, visit this link today.