Getting Your Rental Deposit Back – End of Tenancy Cleans

As a property renter, the prospect of doing an end of tenancy clean probably doesn’t fill you with joy, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to get your deposit back. While you might think things like limescale around taps and mouldy walls are fair wear and tear, a lot of the time they’re not, and neglecting them can land you in hot water.

The introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme gives you some level of protection from rogue landlords who may claim you’ve done damage when you haven’t, but at the same time it offers protection to them if you leave the property dirty or damaged. To get your deposit back, it’s important to remember that when you leave your rental property, your landlord has the right to the same level of hygiene as when you moved in.

You might think that the cheapest way to attack your end of tenancy clean is to do it yourself, but that comes with problems of its own. You’ll need the right materials, a good amount of time and the strength to get into all the nooks and crannies. But if you do decide to give it a go, make sure you start off with a copy of your inventory that you got when you moved in. This will give you an outline of how the property was when you took it on, and will give you a good basis to work from when on your cleaning mission.

When shall I do an end of tenancy clean?

At Domestique, we’d always recommend giving your rental property a deep clean when it’s empty – this will allow you to get into all the hard to reach areas and give as sparkling a result as possible. We understand that moving timescales can be tricky to organise, and that cleaning when all your belongings have been moved out is not always possible. If you can’t manage it, make sure you move all furniture in good time rather than just cleaning around it - you never know what’s hiding underneath.

When to bring in the professionals

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do – so hiring a professional cleaner to do your end of tenancy clean can be just the ticket. You’ll have one less thing to worry about and can ensure that the property is spick and span ready to get your deposit back. Contrary to popular belief, end of tenancy cleaning doesn’t always cost the earth – so it’s definitely worth thinking about.

At Domestique, we work with tenants and landlords all over the UK on end of tenancy or pre-tenancy cleans that leave properties glistening. If you’re a tenant who wants to get someone in to do your end of tenancy clean, or if you’re a landlord in need of a pre-tenancy clean, get in touch with our expert team today.