5 Important Reasons to Seek Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

We all know the importance of keeping our homes clean. A clean house can contribute to a healthy quality of life - not only do the process of cleaning and the finishing result help you to reduce stress levels and help you to relax, cleaning also helps to rid your living spaces of allergens, pollutants and dust. For most people, many hours are spent on house cleaning tasks, but mattress cleaning services are often neglected.

Why Hire a Professional Airbnb and Holiday Rental Cleaning Service?

If you normally do your Airbnb cleaning yourself, you'll know how much of a drain on your time it can be. Not only do you have to do the cleaning and general property maintenance, you'll also be doing all the tasks to ensure a smooth operation. Online bookings, marketing, key exchanges, and more. While you might be happy to wear all the hats when it comes to your Airbnb home, you might be thinking about delegating the cleaning to someone else.

Toilet Cleaning Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

Let's face it, cleaning the toilet is not something any of us really enjoy, but it's an essential job which has to be done regularly to keep bathrooms hygienic. At Domestique we offer a wide range of home cleaning services, including of course, cleaning the toilet. If you need to keep your toilet fresh and hygienic in between cleans, here are a few tips you might not have come across:

Essential Tips For Keeping Your Home Office Clean

For so many people, working from home has become the norm. Last year, as a result of national lockdowns, unprecedented numbers of people were asked to work from home and although lockdown measures have relaxed, many of us continue to work from home and have set up a home office in order to keep work and home life as separate as possible.

Disinfecting Your Home and Everything In It

While coronavirus restrictions in the UK begin to relax and many public places are opening their doors again, social distancing and strict hygiene remain just as important. While enjoying some of this new freedom, it is important to continue social distancing, wearing your mask, staying within your bubbles and maintaining excellent hygiene. This includes disinfecting your home and everything in it to eliminate bacteria before it spreads.