It’s Time for a Spring Clean: Banish Dirt in Your Home with a One-Off Cleaning Service

Spring cleans are the perfect excuse to sort through your belongings, declutter and give your home a deep clean in time for summer.

However organising your household and getting rid of all the dust and dirt built up over the winter months can take several hours or even days, which leaves you with little free time to spend on what you enjoy. Our professional Domestique cleaners can take the cleaning duties off your hands with a thorough one-off spring clean service. We’ll tackle the accumulated dust and grime and ensure that your home looks and feels sparklingly fresh this spring.

Even clean homes are vulnerable to the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria which a professional deep clean can eliminate. Here are common areas in the home that are prone to high levels of bacteria and dirt:

The kitchen sink: it turns out that your toilet bowl may not be the dirtiest place in the home. Remaining food particles left on plates to drain can breed illness-causing bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, which are easily spreadable. A survey from the Hygiene Council found there to be an average 17,964 bacteria/square inch in the kitchen sink.

The kitchen counter and chopping board: the same survey found there to be 488 bacteria/square inch on the kitchen counter, and 194 bacteria/square inch on the kitchen chopping board. Raw meat on the chopping board could even leave behind faecal bacteria from the animal.

The TV remote: your TV remote will most likely be handled by everyone in the house and can find itself anywhere, from the floor to underneath the sofa cushions. A University of Virginia study of cold viruses on household surfaces showed the remote control’s surface to be among the germiest, as people may also cough or sneeze on it.

The bathroom: the bathtub contains an average 119,468 bacteria/square inch near the drain, and another study found staphylococcus bacteria in 26% of the tubs tested.

Your kitchen sponge: the kitchen sponge or cloth you use on a daily basis has been found to be the germiest of places. According to Gerba, there are about 10 million bacteria/square inch on a sponge, and a million on a cloth. These are also breeding grounds for bacteria such as E. coli.

With a one-off spring clean service we can tackle these trouble areas and give the whole house a stringent cleaning and dusting, from the floors to the ceilings. Having a professional clean will help to keep allergens away and make your home a healthier place to live in. We can also provide a thorough clean on a regular basis to help you maintain a fresher and more pleasant space. Our highly-trained and experienced staff will make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction, and at an affordable price.

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