The Gadgets You Should Be Cleaning, But Keep Forgetting

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to be a huge concern across the world, it's no surprise that most of us are paying extra attention to cleaning our homes, with particular focus on high contact surfaces. However, whilst we are careful to disinfect door handles, light switches and kitchen work surfaces, there are certain surfaces that we touch constantly throughout a day, paying little attention to the germs that they harbour.

Cleaning Tips Worth Their Salt

With many people spending more time at home due to the Coronavirus lockdown, there are more opportunities to notice things such as dirty marks, streaky windows or clogged drains. The good news is that we have got some great cleaning tips for you that involve using something we all have at home - salt.

Our Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

Spring is famous for being the time of year when the weather starts to get slightly warmer and flowers begin to bloom. Beyond this, spring is also well-known for being the season of new beginnings and giving your house a thorough top to bottom clean.

Expert Advice on How to Keep Your Home Clean During Lockdown

During these uncertain times, it is important to keep yourself and those around you as safe as possible. Taking extra precautions to maintain high levels of hygiene and following social distancing guidelines can help. In this blog we will be outlining expert advice to keep your home clean during lockdown.

Mattress Cleaning Services: How Clean is Your Bed?

As we spend around a third of our life in bed, it’s a place that we would not want to think of as being dirty. However, the truth is that your bed is not only a place where you sleep, but a home for bacteria, dust mites and faecal matter. Add to this the fact that we sweat around half a pint of perspiration every night, your bed isn’t so clean after all.