Essential Tips for Keeping A Pet and A Clean Home

A pet friendly home is a happy home. However, it can also quickly become a disorderly home if you do not employ recommended cleaning habits. With fur, muddy paws and long nails, a pet can bring odour and mess into your home.

Understandably, some people may struggle balancing pets and a clean home. Which is why we listed our top low maintenance tips for a clean pet friendly home:

Keep Your Pet Well Groomed

Keeping your pet well groomed will help you maintain the condition of your furniture. Unclipped nails can soon grow long and therefore cause scratching on hardwood flooring, upholstery and leather furniture.

Establish Boundaries

Enforcing rules on pet restricted areas can help your home to stay clean. For example, many owners do not allow their pets to lie on the furniture or go into the bedrooms. By establishing these boundaries, it can make your cleaning routine low maintenance.

Shop the Right Materials

However, if you are happy to let your pets lie on the furniture, make sure you are shopping for durable materials. Microfiber and canvas are both great options, as neither will tear easily and hair can be quickly vacuumed.

Typically, materials with a tight weave and darker colours will be your best options to hide what you need to until you get a chance to clean. If you can’t find any pet-friendly material you like, blankets and covers can protect furniture and create a cosy atmosphere.

Post-Walk Routine

After going outside, make sure to wipe down your pet’s feet when they walk through the door. This will prevent any dirty footprints running through your house. Also, on rainy days, bathe or dry them off before letting them roam the rest of the house. This will help to combat odour and dirty furniture.

Assign Them a Space

Assign a space in your home where your pet’s bed, feeding bowls and toys can be. Containing it all in one area will minimise mess and give your pet a place to escape and relax. Many people choose their kitchen for this, as messy feeding bowls will be easier to clean up on kitchen floors. It also eliminates the temptation for them to jump on other furniture in the house during the night.

Hire Local House Cleaners

We all know that having a pet is a big responsibility. However, what we may not realise is how easily fur can stick, how quickly marks can appear and how hard ordinary cleaning equipment may find it to keep your home looking sparkling clean.

Looking into household cleaning services can make the world of difference for your home. With specialist equipment and local house cleaners, pet mess you didn’t realise was even there will be washed away.

Enquire Today

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