Sustainable Cleaning: How to Reduce Waste at Home

With increasing environmental concerns comes an urgency to reduce waste in our everyday lives. Sustainable cleaning has become a hot topic recently, with many homeowners looking for more eco-friendly practices.

Discover our top tips for sustainable cleaning below, to help you and your family reduce waste at home:

Single Use Serveware

During party season, try to hold back from plastic plates and cutlery. Instead, consider using the serveware you use daily at home. Alternatively, search for recyclable serveware so you are not creating so much waste just to serve snacks.

Being creative with your dining options can also help. For example, serving tap water with fruit as a natural flavouring instead of plastic bottles of fizzy pop. Fresh flowers offer a beautiful alternative over plastic table centre pieces and table covers.

Plastic Equipment

Plastic equipment you already own, such as dish brushes or mops, can be reused if kept clean. Making a conscious effort to maintain the condition of plastic equipment can help them to be longer lasting. If you eventually need to replace plastic equipment, do not replace them for more plastic. For sustainable cleaning, there are plenty of alternative options available, which are likely to be more durable.

Conscious Purchasing

Once you have decluttered your home from unnecessary belongings, be conscious with future purchases. This will allow you to save money and reduce waste. In particular, think of what you could use as a replacement for things you regularly buy. For example, reusable water bottles and washable cleaning cloths.

Stocking Up

Instead of opting for convenient meals wrapped in plastic and cardboard packaging, shop for kitchen essentials which will serve you many home cooked meals. For example, cut and chop fresh vegetables instead of purchasing steam bags. Buy loose potatoes to serve you across the week, for homemade chips, baked potatoes and pie toppings. Cooking from scratch can help you to save money, reduce waste and sometimes lead a healthier lifestyle.

Involving Your Children

Teaching sustainable cleaning to children from a young age, on how to recycle and reuse their waste can be really effective. Introducing colourful, clearly signed, recycling bins can encourage children to make wiser decisions on their waste.

Hiring a Domestic Cleaner

Hiring a cleaning agency to help maintain your home will eliminate your need to regularly purchase cleaning products and equipment. Professional cleaners will come with their own equipment and dispose of waste appropriately.

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