Oven Cleaning: How Often Should You Do It?

Assuming that you use your oven on a regular basis, you’ll know just how quickly it gets dirty. Grease and burnt food particles accumulate reasonably quickly and can result in unpleasant odours over time. As a result, it makes sense that from time to time your oven needs to be cleaned, but just how often?

The truth is, it’s difficult to put an exact time frame on how often you should clean your oven, as it really differs from person to person, depending on how often the oven is used and the sort of foods that you are cooking.

In an ideal world, to help prevent the build-up of grease and food spillages, you should wipe down your oven after each use, just as you would if you saw fat and grease on the hobs. However, it’s not always practical to clean down an oven after every use – people are busy and time is limited, so whilst it may be easy enough to wipe down hobs and splash back tiles, cleaning the inside of an oven is a more involved job and the results aren’t actually visible.

Whilst you may not have time for a full wipe down of your oven after each use, it’s certainly wise to remove any food spillages on a regular basis. As food particles are continually burnt, not only do they make cleaning your oven more difficult when you get around to a thorough clean, but they can cause excessive smoking, setting off your fire alarm, creating unpleasant odours, and even ruining the taste of the food that you are cooking.

Make oven cleaning part of your routine

Oven cleaning isn’t the easiest or most enjoyable chore on your list, so many of us leave long periods of time before tackling the job. Whilst it’s advisable to clean your oven at least once every 3 months, for some of us, it might be a year or more before we finally purchase the cleaning products and tackle the many layers of grease. As a result, this can mean spending hours on your knees, scrubbing away at the oven, breathing in the fumes of cleaning chemicals, only to be disappointed with the results of your hard work.

The good news is, other than taking care of food spillages and wiping your oven down when you can, you don’t have to worry about oven cleaning too much, because we can take care of it for you! At Domestique, oven cleaning services are carried out by fully trained and insured professionals, making use of quality cleaning tools and environmentally friendly, non-caustic products.

When you see the results achieved by a professional oven cleaner, it’s unlikely that you will want to go back to doing the job yourself, but an annual professional clean certainly makes in-between cleans much more palatable. It’s also important to consider that investing in oven cleaning services helps increase the longevity of your oven, keeping it in a good condition and functioning as intended.

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