The Gadgets You Should Be Cleaning, But Keep Forgetting

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to be a huge concern across the world, it's no surprise that most of us are paying extra attention to cleaning our homes, with particular focus on high contact surfaces. However, whilst we are careful to disinfect door handles, light switches and kitchen work surfaces, there are certain surfaces that we touch constantly throughout a day, paying little attention to the germs that they harbour.

With many people now working from home as a safety measure, the need for tech such as smartphones and tablets is at an all time high, but few of us are paying close enough attention to cleaning devices to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria.

Cleaning Frequently Used Gadgets

Mobile phones and tablets

Many of us are so attached to our phones that we take them with us wherever we go, meaning that they can be a home for all kinds of germs and bacteria. Whilst social distancing is in place, when we do leave the house, for example, to shop for essentials, we are more vulnerable to germs that may have been left on surfaces by individuals that haven't been quite so conscientious in terms of hygiene. By handing a smartphone, these germs can easily be passed on to the phone, so even when you wash your hands, without cleaning your phone, the risk remains.

Similarly to smartphones, tablets are designed to be portable, and therefore, harbour exactly the same risks. Whilst using certain cleaning fluids on phones or tablets can damage them, anti-bacteral screen cleaning cloths and sprays can rid mobile devices of bacteria without the risk of damage. Consider cleaning your mobile devices just as often as you would wash your hands, or you could be making your hand hygiene efforts redundant.


Working at home can have certain challenges, especially if you live in a household with other people that may be a distraction. Headphones are a great way to shut out external noises as well as being used for video calls and conferences, however, when you consider that you will also often wear them out whilst exercising, or perhaps whilst shopping alone, you should consider the germs that they could carry.

If you use headphones or earbuds with silicone tips, you can remove them and use soapy water and a clean cloth to keep them clean. If you can't remove them, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe them down. For any metal grilles on earpieces, you can use a soft bristled, dry toothbrush to dislodge any dirt.

If your headphones are wired, a cloth, dipped in warm soapy water will effectively clean the cable.

Laptops and Computers

For laptop screens and monitors, use a microfibre cloth and screen cleaning solution to remove germs and bacteria, whilst also keeping the screen clean and clear. Any stubborn marks can be gently buffed away.

For computer and laptop keyboards, if you can, use a can of compressed air to blow away dust and crumbs from between the keys, and then wipe the keyboard down using specialised keyboard safe wipes.

If you are concerned about cleaning your computer, you can also check the user manual to find any recommended do's or dont's for cleaning.

Professional Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a professional touch to help keep your home clean, you can always consider leaving some of your domestic cleaning tasks to the experienced cleaners at Domestique. To find out more about home cleaning services in your area, please click here