Get a Head-Start on Your Spring Cleaning with Our Domestic Cleaning Services

Are you ready to say goodbye to the winter clutter and welcome a fresh and clean home this spring? Look no further than our domestic cleaning services. Our experienced and reliable team of domestic cleaners is here to help you get a head-start on your spring cleaning. With our comprehensive services, including bathroom and kitchen deep-cleaning, we specialise in refreshing and sanitising every area of your home, so don't let the thought of cleaning overwhelm you this spring.Contact us today to schedule your one-off or regular service and enjoy a sparkling clean home in no time.

Spring Domestic Cleaning Services

For many households across the country, spring cleaning is a tradition that signifies the refreshing start of a new season and emphasises the importance of a clean, organised, and rejuvenated home as we enter spring. For those who have very little time for cleaning their homes, or for those who would prefer their cleaning to be done by professionals, our services guarantee a thorough, professional level of cleanliness that is difficult to achieve without our expertise, equipment, and commitment to excellence. 

Our team of domestic cleaners are experts in handling specialist equipment, products, and techniques to tackle the hard-to-reach areas and built-up layers that are often overlooked during regular cleaning. For those who are looking for a deep and thorough clean without the personal time investment, such as busy individuals, families juggling responsibilities, or anyone unable to undertake physically demanding cleaning tasks, we are on hand whenever you need us. When outsourcing your cleaning needs to us, you can focus your time and energy elsewhere, and enjoy the revitalising effect of a freshly cleaned living space without the stress and physical exertion of doing it yourself and free up your time for other priorities. 

Ready to explore what you can expect from Domestique


Whether you need a one-off spring clean to refresh your space and minds after winter, or you are looking to invest in the year-long hygiene standards of your home, we cater to the needs of your household with our flexible, fully insured, and highly affordable services. 

Spring Cleans: The best value one-off cleaning service around – no question! Schedule a regular service after a One-Off and enjoy a great price reduction on future cleans. 

Our Basic Service: Trained cleaner, thorough cleaning of visible areas.

Our Plus Service: Our most popular cleaning service - An experienced, trained cleaner with maintenance cleaning of visible areas.

Our Premium Service: Fully trained experienced cleaner with minimum one-year service. Includes maintenance cleaning of visible areas plus.

Other Services

Once you've selected the service that you need, choose a specific service, or create a customised cleaning package to meet the unique needs of your space and family, from allergy-proofing rooms to focusing on areas that require extra attention. Cleaning is a specialist task and we have formed strong relationships with other local service providers to supply the extra services you may need, including: 

Oven Cleaning 

Experience the transformation of your oven with our expert services. Our fully trained and insured teams of domestic cleaners use only the best quality equipment and products to bring your appliance back to its original pristine condition, and all of our chemicals are non-caustic and environmentally safe, ensuring a dazzling clean without any harm to the planet.

Our expertise will ensure your oven is left in the best possible condition, but why stop at the oven? Extend your oven makeover to the hobs, hoods, and extractor fan,with a complimentary filter replacement when necessary, ensuring a comprehensive clean that elevates your kitchen's ambiance.

Don't spend hours on your knees scrubbing the oven, breathing in fumes to still be disappointed with the results - you'll be amazed by the finish and we guarantee you won't want to go back to doing it yourself after experiencing the end results we produce. And to ensure you don't have to, we offer an immediate 20% discount if you schedule your next clean during our visit, amounting to less than £1 per week for a yearly service. 

Carpet Cleaning

We don't just clean your carpets - we rejuvenate them and restore them to their best looking and feeling state. Before we begin any clean, we will thoroughly pre-assess your carpets, giving you our honest and professional opinion on the likely end results, before getting to work with our advanced stain removal equipment.  

Our fully trained carpet cleaners use only top quality, high-performance products and machinery to tackle stains and spills and remove the most common sources of dirt or grime, restoring your carpets to their immaculate state. Flexibility is key to our service, so choose to spread the cost across the year with our easy payment plan, because we understand the importance of budgeting without compromising on quality. 

Mattress Cleaning

No matter how clean the rest of your house is, it is always easy to overlook the importance of including your mattress in your spring clean. Whilst turning your mattress and replacing it every 10 years is the norm, a mattress that has not been professionally cleaned can cause a buildup of dust, skin flakes, and overall grime. 

Our high powered specialist cleaning machine removes up to 80% of all allergens and pollutants on the first clean, and the number increases even more with regular cleans. This service is a dry service, meaning that it cleans and sanitises your space without affecting the properties of your mattress, so view our price plans today

Window Cleaning

Our window cleans offer a sparkling solution to enhance the clarity and brightness of your home, completing the comprehensive refresh of your living space. Our team utilises advanced techniques and eco-friendly products, including our water-fed pole machinery and purified water system, alongside our rigorous cleaning methods to remove dirt, grime, and residues accumulated over the winter months. Our excellent, streak-free results maximise natural light and improve the outside appearance of your property, and our services include a free clean of the frames and sills, as well as the option for a fully conservatory clean. 

Gardening Services

Don't forget to include your garden and outdoor spaces in your comprehensive cleaning regime this spring. Our gardening services revitalise your outdoor spaces, including: 

  • General maintenance and tidying
  • Weed pulling
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Full patio clean and maintenance
  • Garden furniture cleaning 
  • Barbecue cleaning 
  • Garage doors cleaning 

Spring Domestic Cleaning Services from Domestique 

At Domestique, we specialise in making our services as convenient and affordable as possible for you, and when you bundle our extensive range of services, the value only gets better. The cost of our services can all be bundled together into a single monthly charge, spread throughout the year, so explore our range of specially discounted domestic cleaning services and curate the best package for your needs today.