How to Hire a Domestic Cleaning Company

There’s no doubting that life moves very quickly, so in between priorities such as family and work responsibilities, it can be a challenge to fit in cleaning your home properly. The longer you leave it, the bigger the challenge house cleaning becomes, so it’s always best to get it done as regularly as possible. However, if you are struggling for time, you can always hire a domestic cleaning company to carry out regular or occasional services.


Whilst there are many cleaning companies available, there are certainly a few rules of thumb to hiring the best cleaning service to suit you.

Decide what cleaning services you need


Before you choose a domestic cleaning service, you should always decide exactly what you need. For example, how often will your home need to be cleaned and which areas of your home will need to be cleaned as part of this service. For example, you may only need standard cleaning services, such as vacuuming, dusting and mopping, or you may want extra work, such as window, oven or carpet cleaning.

Look for domestic cleaning companies that are experienced


Needless to say, if you want a job done properly, it is best to hire a house cleaner with a lot of experience. If you are looking for specific tasks to be carried out, it pays to check with a cleaning company whether their staff have suitable experience for this.

Eliminate any companies that aren’t insured


Should an accident happen inside your home during cleaning, when a member of cleaning staff is injured or makes damages to your property, it’s essential that the cleaning company is fully insured. Always enquire with cleaning companies to check that all cleaners are covered for public liability, personal injury and breakages.

Don’t make a decision based purely on the cheapest price


If one domestic cleaning company offers prices that are significantly less expensive than others, there may be a good reason why. Always be wary of a deal that seems too cheap; it’s likely that they will take a number of shortcuts to provide a less expensive services. Make sure you will be getting the services that you need before you commit.

Look for a domestic cleaning company that can provide a flexible service


It’s likely that your requirements will change from time to time, depending on how much time you have yourself to see to household tasks, or you may wish to cancel cleaning if you are away on holiday. Find a cleaning company that can provide you a choice of cleaning days and planned holiday cover. You may even wish to simply ask for a spring clean on an occasional basis.


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